Communications Coordinator

Sebastian is responsible for managing communication and strategies in EcoDecisión. One of the first tasks of Sebastian was the coordination of REDISAS (Network of Environmental Services) and the generation of all content for this network. Sebastian has organized face meetings, online meetings and written notes for coordinating REDISAS. Sebastian is also responsible for managing the webpage of Conectando Cuencas Spanish version of Watershed Connect. He has created dissemination strategies, publications, design pieces, podcasts and audiovisual material. Lately Sebastian has been in charge of holistic communication for Ecodecision’s newest project; Canopy Bridge. For this project Sebastian has been commissioned to build a global strategy that fits several lines of action for Canopy Bridge.

Sebastian received his BSc. with Honours in Environmental Communication at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, with a minor in Film and Video. Sebastian is interested in the study of cultural and historical processes related to societies and their relationship with nature.