About Us

EcoDecision is an enterprise dedicated to developing new ways to fund biodiversity conservation and sustainable rural livelihoods. EcoDecision is a pioneer in developing financing mechanisms for ecosystem services including climate change mitigation, water source protection and biodiversity conservation.

Established in 1995 by Jacob Olander and Marta Echavarria, EcoDecision is based in Quito, Ecuador, and works throughout Latin America with a broad array of clients and partners, including international and national non-governmental organizations, businesses, and government institutions.

Our Work

Natural ecosystems provide us with clean and abundant water, regulate our climate, maintain productive soils and are beautiful storehouses for a wealth of known and undiscovered species. Forests, grasslands, and wetlands undergird the health of our economies, our communities and our businesses. They are, in short, priceless. But by and large the services provided by nature are treated as if they had no value at all – leading landowners, communities and governments to conclude that felling the forest or converting lands to other uses is the best and only option.

EcoDecision is committed to changing this calculus in tangible, practical ways. By developing creative mechanisms to realize tangible value for stakeholders we mobilize investment to conserve invaluable, functioning natural ecosystems in the tropics. We draw on emerging financial mechanisms for ecosystem services and help put appropriate mechanisms in place to catalyze new finance, providing benefits for nature and its stewards.