Tools for Green Infrastructure Design and Implementation in the Drinking Water Sector of Latin America and the Caribbean

ADERASA and their Green Infrastructure Group, invite potable water operators and regulators as well as public and private sector officials working in water resource management to the online phase of our course “Tools for Green infrastructure design and implementation for the drinking water sector of Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The course seeks to strengthen and build capacities for designing and implementing green infrastructure projects throughout the region. To meet this objective, the course will be structured into five modules focusing on the fundamental theories and practical elements of topics such as: ecosystem services, hydrological analysis, legal and institutional frameworks, environmental economics, and mechanisms for the conservation of water sources, among others. The course will also consist of a final project involving the identification of critical routes for Green Infrastructure implementation in each participant’s region or nation.

The course will have a presential phase for the 20 participants who maintain the highest scores during the virtual phase. This phase will take place on-site in Quito in September, and will have a duration of 3 days. The 20 selected students will be provided with a full scholarship to attend the presential portion of the class.

The course has been conceptualized, developed and implemented as a joint effort between ADERASA, FOREST TRENDS and EcoDecisión.

Click here for more information, here to download the PDF file of the course or contact:
Lorena Coronel – Course Coordinator