Curso en Infraestructura Verde

This year the 2nd edition of the course ‘HERRAMIENTAS PARA EL DISEÑO E IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE INFRAESTRUCTURA VERDE POR PARTE DEL SECTOR DE AGUA POTABLE EN PERÚ Y COLOMBIA’ took place. The course lasted more than 3 months were the participants from Peru and Colombia interact in an online way with the help of our virtual platform Talent LMS. In here you can read the brief description of the course or you can look deeper and find all the content of the same. The main purposes of the course were to: • Strengthen and build capacity of participants to design and implement financial mechanisms for the conservation of their water sources.
• Facilitate the exchange of experiences within a structured framework, so that experiences can be captured and exploited by others.

Tamara Montalvo was the main coordinator and with the help of other instructors the course was qualified as a tremendous success.
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